10 Ways to Create Extra Possessions

10 Extra PossessionsBasketball has become a game of possessions – the more possessions a team has the greater chance of winning the game.

The most common way of gaining possession of the ball is to take it out of the net after your opponent scores but that’s certainly not going to help you win.

Here are 10 ways to create extra possessions for your team:

  • Recover a loose ball
  • Get a steal
  • Grab an offensive rebound
  • Force a 5 second call
  • Block and recover a shot
  • Take a charge
  • Force a shot clock violation
  • Save the ball from going out of bounds
  • Get a jump ball and take advantage of the possession arrow
  • Force a 10 second violation

Get one of each of these in a game and that gives your team 10 extra possessions. Shoot 50% and that gives your team at least 10 more points. How many games did your team lose by less than 10 points last year?

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