5 Defensive Essentials

5 Defensive MustsIt doesn’t matter what kind of defense that your team plays – man-to-man, zone, run and jump, combination, etc. – there are 5 defensive essentials that you need to master if you want to be considered a good defender.

Since a great many coaches are defensive minded, if you don’t master these skills you might find yourself on the bench more than on the court.

The 5 Defensive Essentials include:

  1. Close Out. Stop both the outside shot and the drive.
  2. Jump to the Ball. The give and go is the oldest play in basketball and more and more teams are using a “pass and cut” motion offense. Because it’s so simple this skill is often neglected.
  3. See both the Ball and your Man. Your head must be on a swivel to help you see. It helps if you constantly point to both your man and to the ball at the same. If you can’t point to one of them you need to readjust your positioning.
  4. Talk to the Ball. “Here comes the pick,” “Help left,” “I’ve got the lob,” “Bring him my way,” are all examples of things you can and should say to the on ball defender.
  5. Stop Penetration. Whether you are on the ball or off the ball you need to be able to help keep the ball out of the paint

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