8 Negatives of the Pick and Roll

1. The “unpaid” assistants in the stands claim your team “doesn’t run anything.”

2. Creates more possessions in the game since you are shooting sooner than if you are running motion offense.

3. If players aren’t able to dribble with their weak hand, you are limited to one side of the floor.

4. Causes you to spend more time finding solutions for traps.

5. You are going to face a variety of defenses, so if you don’t have solutions to all of them, you may abandon this offense quickly.

6. It takes time to drill all the finer points of the pick and roll.

7. Post players will pick up moving screen fouls if the driver is impatient and doesn’t wait for the pick to be set

8. Causes you to face a lot of zone defense, which is bad if you don’t attack zones effectively

The above list was written by Ted Anderson, the Assistant Boy’s Coach at Andale High School in Andale, Kansas and first appeared in the March 2012 edition of Winning Hoops magazine.






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