Improve Your Passing to Get More Playing Time

Better PassingWithout a doubt, passing is the most under developed skill in the game today yet it is definitely one of the most important.

Because so few players can pass the ball really well, becoming a great passer is one of the quickest and surest ways to get a lot more playing time. If you can accurately deliver the ball to your teammates than you are an invaluable asset no matter what offense your team is running.

Here is a simple series of passing drills that you can work on by yourself – all you need is a wall and a ball. If you regularly stay after practice and spend a few minutes working on your passing (Who else does that? Probably no one else on your team!) not only will your passing skills improve but your coach will know you are serious about getting better and getting more court time!

  • Right hand and left hand behind the back pass: 12 reps in 10 seconds with each hand
  • Pound dribble into a behind the back pass: 12 reps in 20 seconds
  • Right hand and left hand fake high then bounce pass low: 12 reps in 20 seconds
  • Right and left hand fake low and air pass by the ear: 12 reps in 20 seconds
  • Fake right and pass left with a left foot pivot: 12 reps in 20 seconds
  • Fake left and pass right with a right foot pivot: 12 reps in 20 seconds
  • Dribble moves followed by right and left handed passes: 10 reps each, no time limit

Each pass above needs to be thrown hard off the wall and needs to be aimed at a specific target (use a piece of tape if necessary).

Just throwing the ball in the direction of the wall is not game-like and won’t help you improve!

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