6 Guidelines for Establishing a Standard of Performance

Standard of PerformanceThere are four teams left in the NBA playoffs and it’s fascinating to listen to the differences in how each team is described and discussed by the media.

The Pacers are described as being built for their series with the Heat; the Heat are all about the “Big 3″; the Thunder are all about their dynamic duo. Yet when discussing the Spurs, everyone is constantly talking about their culture, even though they also have three future Hall of Fame players.

In the Spurs case, culture is another name for standard of excellence. Former 49’ers football coach, Bill Walsh built a dynasty on what he called his Standard of Performance which was built on the following guidelines

1. Start with the comprehensive recognition and identification of the specific actions and attitudes relevant to your team’s performance and production.

2. Be clarion clear in communicating your expectation of high effort and execution of your Standard of Performance.

3. Let all know that you expect them to possess the highest level of expertise in their area of responsibility.

4. Beyond standards and methodology, teach your beliefs, values, and philosophy.

5. Teach “connection and extension.”

6. Make the expectations and metrics of competence that you demand in action and attitudes from personnel the new reality of your organization.

How do people describe and discuss your team? Are you known primarily for your players or for the culture you have developed and nourished?



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