Can’t Get Open on the Wing?

Open on the WingIf defenders can keep the offensive point guard from passing the ball to the wing then they can stop a great majority of offenses before they can even get started.

Here are 5 things you can do if you are having trouble getting open on the wing because of extreme pressure:

  1. Dribble at the wing and send him backdoor. Best used if the defender is “above” the¬†offensive player and in the passing lane so the pass can’t be completed.
  2. Dribble hand off. Best used if the defender is “below” the offensive player and waiting to “jump” the passing lane and steal the pass. When executing a DHO the ball handler should dribble right at the receiver’s defender so he can use his body as a screen.
  3. Drive and kick. Penetrate into the paint, force the wing defender to drop off and help and then kick the ball out to the wing.
  4. Zipper screen. Send the offensive wing running into the lane and around the post player. He can either return to his original spot on the wing (this is nearly impossible to deny since the defense gets turned around) or he can run up to the top while the point guard takes over the wing spot. Zipper screens can be set by both high and low posts.
  5. Flash the high post and send the wing back door.

Constantly mix up these strategies during the course of a game and it won’t be long before the point guard to wing pass will be wide open each and every time down the floor!


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