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My Coach Sucks

Here is a great video that demonstrates how hard it can be for coaches having to deal with all the outside influences their players have around them.

Players: Please watch this and internalize how important it is for you to be accountable for your own actions. The more you push blame aside in your life the less likely you are to be successful in whatever path of life you choose!

Classic Parenting Mistakes

Parent MistakesHere is a list of some of the most common mistakes parents make while trying to support their kids involved with youth basketball.

    1. Yelling from the stands/sidelines and creating confusion by contradicting the instructions of
      the coaches.
    2. Making the car ride home after the game with your youngster miserable.
    3. Creating a “blame others” (coach, teammates, referees, etc. ) mentality in their child.
    4. Setting a poor example for youngsters by constantly criticizing decisions by game officials.
    5. Treating the players and parents on the other team as the enemy.
    6. Caring about winning more than their own kids.
    7. Focusing on the “mistakes” as opposed to the good things their child did in a game or practice.
    8. Not agreeing on joint expectations with their child’s coach before the season starts.
    9. Confronting the child’s coach immediately after a game or practice.
    10. Forgetting that sideline comments should be supportive and positive and not critical.

(The above list came from Michael Langlois, the founder of Prospect Communications)

Parents – playing competitive basketball on any level is hard. It’s fun, but it’s hard. Please make every effort not to take the fun out of the game while making things even harder for your son or daughter. Not only will they be appreciative but they’ll someday thank you for it as well!