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LeBron’s Core Workout

Core WorkoutA few days ago we posted a simple yet effective jump rope routine that can help you start getting in better shape.

Here’s a workout that skill development trainer Ganon Baker uses to help LeBron strengthen his core.

It was originally printed in a Nike Skills Academy handout. Each set is done for 30 seconds with no rest before moving on to the next exercise.

  1. Crunches – feet never touch ground – ball is squeezed between the calves. Lift the knees to the chest and then straighten.
  2. Lifts – same as above but the legs come over the head with the knees straight.
  3. Toe touches – lay on your back with your legs locked. Bring your right leg up and touch toes with a basketball while keeping the left leg straight on the ground. Repeat while alternating legs.
  4. Twists – sit up on your butt with your legs off the floor. Hold a ball in both hands and twist from side to side.
  5. Bicycle – touch ball to knee, keep other leg straight, laying on your back, touch ball to elbow.
  6. Side planks – place one hand on the floor with the other hand up in the air while laying with your body and feet sideways on the floor. Elite players can place their hand on a ball instead of the ground.
  7. Front planks – place forearms on the floor and lift your body up while keeping your back straight and your body square to the ground.
  8. Push-ups – do regular push-ups while  placing both hands on a basketball and keeping both feet on the floor. Elite players can place both feet on another ball.

Rumor: KOBE Wore These When He Scored 81 Points

A reliable source has disclosed that Kobe was indeed wearing these Springbak Speedsoles that night he scored 81…

According to inside sources, Springbaks appeal as a pro player’s “little secret edge” goes back to the late 80’s. Back in the day when the Cowboys were
“America’s Team” Emmitt Smith and the majority of the Cowboys were using Springbaks.

A significant population of NFL players were, and still are, enjoying
the benefits of Springbaks. They had yet to become known in the NBA. LA Laker role player Kurt Rambis was an early adopter of Springbaks.

Fast forward a couple decades. Kurt Rambis back with the Lakers as a GM/Assistant Coach, was banging his head for all the Lakers to wear them. Finally Kobe’s
team relented and started wearing Speedsoles, and coincidentally this is the same time, the Lakers began their winning streak.

About 2 weeks after that point, Kobe has his historic 81 point night. Too bad Springbak can’t afford what Kobe would charge to endorse. Come to think of it, if he was in fact using Springbaks, he probably wouldn’t even want you to know.

Springbak currently holds four separate USA patents (and one foreign patent with several pending) under the new category of performance enhancing shoe components, which are the result of 12 long years of research and development at a cost of several million dollars well spent.

THE SPRINGBAK™ GUARANTEE: Try Speedsoles; GUARANTEED results or you can return them within 30 days. (less than 2 percent have been returned).

Get the full scoop here.

What do Springbak insoles do?

  • Help you jump higher
  • Provide stability & balance
  • Help you run faster
  • Eliminate shin splints
  • Lessens fatigue

Pre-Game Feet and Ankle Warm Up

Foot WarmupsDuring regular basketball season many teams can take the court anywhere from 20-45 minutes early to warm up. However, during club season when games are scheduled continuously throughout the day, teams often find themselves with hardly enough time to shoot a few layups and fire up a few jump shots.

With such little court time in these situations, players certainly don’t have the necessary time to properly warm up their feet and ankles once they step between the lines. If that ever happens to you try the following warm-up exercises once recommended by Gordon Graham of Mankato State University.

They can be done in a locker room, hallway, or even in a gym foyer while you are waiting for the previous game to finish. This way you can use what little court time you have for shooting.

1. Heel Cord Stretch. Keep your feet flat on the floor and don’t let your heels come off of the floor. Stand about 30 inches from a wall with your feet shoulder width apart and place your hands on the wall at shoulder level. While slowly counting to eight and while keeping your knees straight, move your hips towards the wall as far as possible. Repeat this action 10 times.

2. Toe Raises. Perform basic toe raises but with your knees and feet slightly turned inward so you are in a pigeon toed position.

3. Heel Walk. Walk the equivalent of one lap around the court on your heels only. Raise your toes towards the ceiling as high as possible as you walk slowly.

4. Inversion Walk. Walk the equivalent of one lap around the court on the outside of your feet, turning the foot and ankle in as far as possible.

5. Eversion Walk. Walk the equivalent of one lap around the court on the inside of your feet, turning your foot and ankle out as far as comfortbaly possible.