What Offense Are You Going to Run This Season?

Choosing OffenseCoaches: Is the offense you are going to use with your team this upcoming season for your players or is it really for you?

Are the shots produced by the offense good shots for your current players or are they good shots for you?

For example, are you running a perimeter oriented offense because you’re loaded with several outstanding guards or are you running it because you yourself were a perimeter player in high school?

Former New York Knick coach and current ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy says that the secret to effective offense is to get more quality shots for your best shooters/scorers than the other team can get for theirs.

The key word here is “quality.” What is a quality shot? Simply put, it is a shot that will be made more often that it will be missed. However, not all shooters shoot well from every spot on the floor.

Therefore, if you really want quality shots then find out where your best shooters like to shoot from and build your offense around those spots.

Those spots might not be the same ones you have always liked but the offense isn’t really for you now is it?

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