A Closer Team Might Only be a Touch Away

Closer TeamsOften times a team’s culture is reflected in it’s day to day activities, routines, and traditions.

Some of these routines need initial instruction and explanation and others are so simple and obvious that everyone catches on immediately.

One such routine takes place it the UCONN women’s program. At the beginning of every¬†practice coach Geno Auriemma has the team gather around¬† the center circle at mid court.

While Coach Auriemma is talking, each player quietly and discreetly touches the player next to her until they’ve worked their way all around the circle.

The touches might include a quick pat on the back, a tug on the shorts, or a slight fist bump – each player seems to have her own style and preference.

It’s not important how its done but why it’s done is very important. The touches signify that everyone is “all in” together, that everyone is important and that no matter what they do in practice that day (or what happened the day before) they are united.

The most interesting thing about this UCONN tradition is that even though it has been going on for years Coach Auriemma has no idea who actually started it.

That means a player started it, obviously without recognition or fanfare, in hopes of bringing her teammates a little closer.

What are you doing each and every day to bring your teammates closer together?


One thought on “A Closer Team Might Only be a Touch Away

  1. Coach Darrick Wells

    Thank you Coach Stricklin for this vital information. I have a pretty close group of ballers on my team and this will definitely help strengthen the comradery and rapport within our team structure and core.


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