What if You Don’t Like Your Coach?

Think Like a ChampionDick DeVenzio was the founder of the Point Guard College and fully believed there was much more to being a successful player than just being able to shoot or dribble the ball.

Here are some of Coach DeVenzio’s thoughts on Coachability taken from his book Think Like¬† a Champion:

Every coach is concerned with how coachable an athlete is. . . . . . . but what if you don’t like your coach?

What if you don’t particularly agree with the things that he says?

What if you think he doesn’t know what he’s talking about?

My answer to all those questions is the same: So what?

There is no need for your likes and dislikes, your personality preferences, and your philosophical tastes to get in the way of your performance in a sport.

And be sure of this – if you are in constant conflict with your coach, and showing it, your performance will suffer.

You won’t get things done as well when your focus is on conflict and the coach won’t instruct you and spend the time to make sure your abilities are fully used.


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