Are You Making Things Harder for Your Coach?

USA CoachIn a recent article in the Hartford Courant, UCONN’s Hall of Fame coach Geno Auriemma says coaching is harder now than ever before.

Why would he say that?

“Most of it is the players who are coming out of high school now, they’re not as well prepared to┬áplay college basketball.

What you’re dealing with is a certain level of expectation that they have vs. the reality of what they can and cannot do.

Kids get in there and the minute they struggle, which they are supposed to do, they want to find somebody who is at fault for it.

Coaches are dealing with the expectations these kids have but it takes a while to reach those expectations. Unfortunately, we live in a society now where everything has to happen quickly or it’s somebody’s fault.”

As a player are you realistic about what you can and cannot do? Do you expect to be great without taking the time to put in the necessary work? How do you (or your parents) react when your development doesn’t happen overnight? Is your approach and mindset making things easier or harder on your coach?

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