4 Ways to Get a Jump Shot Off When Defended

Jump ShooterIt’s one thing to shoot a wide open jump shot where all you have to do is catch and shoot and an entirely different thing when you have to get a shot off when you are closely guarded.

Each of the four techniques below require a lot of work before you can use them in a game but once you have them mastered you’ll be able to get your shot off in nearly any situation.

1. Pull up jump shot. Take two or three dribbles and then execute a “pound” dribble where you bounce the ball extremely hard. The extra force will let the ball come right up into your shot pocket and let you shoot the ball quickly, Former Laker and current NBA “logo” Jerry West turned this move into a Hall of Fame career!

2. Step back. Refer back to our blog post on August 10, 2014 to see how to use this lethal move.

3. Pull up and fake. This move has been made famous by Dirk Nowitzki of the Dallas Mavericks. Dirk executes a pull up jumper but instead of shooting the ball he fakes and lets the defense fly by him before shooting a wide open shot. His shot fake is so believable that even though the defenders know it’s coming they still fall for it.

4. Drag. This is definitely an advanced move and is used by most of the best guards in the NBA. Take one or two really hard dribbles in order to get the defender moving as fast as possible in one direction. Once the defender’s momentum has been established quickly drag the ball back and take advantage of the sudden separation. You can drag the ball back by using a crossover, going between your legs or dribbling behind your back.

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