Curry or Westbrook? Shooter or Scorer?

Shooter or ScorerCharles Barkley has stirred up some controversy lately by going on the record and saying he doesn’t believe a team that relies primarily on jump shots can consistently shoot well enough to win an NBA championship.

While we will all know soon enough if he is right or not, this does seem to be a good time to wonder which is “better” a shooter or a scorer?

Shooters shoot plain and simple. Think Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Ray Allen, Kyle Korver, and JJ Reddick – all great shooters who can stretch defenses and light up the scoreboard with minimal possessions and touches.

Now think of Russell Westbrook and James Harden who are not necessarily great shooters but who are definitely great scorers. They score their points 7 different ways:

  1. Transition layups
  2. Attacking the rim in the half court
  3. Midrange/pull up jump shots
  4. 3 point shots
  5. Post ups
  6. Offensive rebounds and put backs
  7. Free throws

Which type of player is “better”?

A lot depends on your personal preference as well as the overall makeup of the team involved.

Personally, I like scorers because if their jump shot isn’t going in that day then they can still score in other ways but you would be hard pressed to find anyone who would turn down the chance the coach or even watch a player like Steph Curry!

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