6 Qualities of Great Point Guards

Great Point Guards1. Never get sped up and are always under control physically and mentally. They play with¬†emotion and don’t let emotion play with them.

2. Set the tone on defense. They pressure without fouling, harass the ball handler without getting beat, and disrupt their opponent’s rhythm.

3. Make good players great and average players good. They get the ball to their teammates in spots where they know they will be successful.

4. Have their team under control and control the game’s tempo. They play at their pace and understand when to push and when to slow down.

5. Get in the lane and make the right play whether that’s scoring or creating a look for a teammate. The right play is better than the flashy play.

6. Extend outlets and create advantages in open floor situations before they get the ball. They get as far as the defense allows them then they find the gap and make plays.

The above concepts were taken from a series of tweets on the Pure Sweat twitter timeline.

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