Did the Heat Really Get The Top Spot by Finishing Second?

Top SpotEvery season there is always talk about at least one of the NBA’s worst teams “tanking” the end of the season in order to hopefully improve their position in the upcoming draft.

But it’s not often that one of the TOP teams can be accused of tanking games!

Is it possible that is exactly what the Miami Heat did this season?

With last night’s Miami loss to the Wizards, the Indiana Pacers clinched the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference and guaranteed that they will have home court advantage if and when they meet the Heat in the Conference Finals.

However, the Heat, now in the #2 spot, will have a much easier road to the conference finals than will the #1 Pacers. And usually easier means a quicker series which means more rest going into the last series with Indiana.

Add that to the fact that the Heat only have to win one game in Indiana to regain the home court advantage and its easy to see why LeBron and company are not too disappointed in how they finished.

It seems that every night for the last month ESPN has analyzed the Heat and Pacers battle for the #1 seed when in reality they may have been battling for the coveted second spot!

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