Simple and Effective Jump Rope Workout

Jump Rope WorkoutFew basketball related exercises are as simple or as effective as jumping rope.

When used correctly,  jumping rope can jump start your cardiovascular conditioning, strengthen your feet and ankles, and improve your foot speed, agility, and coordination.

Here is a simple but very effective jump rope workout.

Start with 30 seconds for each set and gradually increase the time up to a minute.

The goal is to jump continually throughout the entire set without any “misses.”

    1. Jump on 2 feet
    2. Jump on 2 feet while moving side to side
    3. Jump on 2 feet while moving forward and backward
    4. Staggered jumps off 1 foot. Right, left, right, left, etc.
    5. X jumps with feet shoulder width apart. Cross right over left and then left over right
    6. Jump twice on your right foot and then twice on your left foot. Keep repeating
    7. Heel/Toe. Jump off the heel of one foot and the toe of the other foot

If you are really serious about your conditioning and want to make your workouts more intense and experience even better results, consider using a Heavy Rope.

One thought on “Simple and Effective Jump Rope Workout

  1. marlaina

    Ali Ali Ali Ali. I fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Ali showed that jump roping is top notch when it comes to foot work and cardio. Great article love the picture.


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