The Leadership Effect of KD’s MVP Speech

LeadershipKevin Durant’s recent MVP acceptance speech is being called one of the best speeches ever given by an athlete. It was touching, it was funny, and it gave us all some insight into KD’s off the court personality. However, what has been overlooked by many is the impact of that speech as a leadership tool.

Instead of just accepting the award, Durant took advantage of  the opportunity to build up each and every one of his teammates. Thank you; I appreciate you; you have my support; keep being you, and I love you were all repeated over and over again in many different ways. You, you, you was the speech’s central theme – not me. me, me.

If the Thunder had lost Game 2 of their playoff series against the Clippers they would have gone down 0-2 and would have had a nearly impossible time trying to recover and win the series. However, after KD publicly built up each one of his teammates while sharing his special night with them, was there ever a doubt about the kind of effort the Thunder were going to give once the game started?

Great leaders have the ability to live in the moment while at the same time understanding the big picture. While Kevin Durant has already been named as the NBA MVP, if the Thunder go on to win the series against the Clippers he could very well be the series MVP for his leadership ability off the court as well as his playing ability on the court.

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