Maya Moore Form Shooting Drill

 Form ShootingLast Sunday Maya Moore was named tournament MVP for her role in leading the United States to the Gold Medal in the 2014 FIBA World Championship in Istanbul, Turkey.

Her 16 points in the first half, including four three pointers, helped give the USA a 19 point lead at halftime and they never looked back while cruising to a 13 point win over Spain.

Below is the Maya Moore Form Shooting Drill that was taught in the Nike Skills Academy.

Do 50 reps of each shot.

1. Mirror shots – execute perfect form

2. Self shots – shoot the ball to yourself and freeze each finish
3. Knee shots – knees on the floor, keep your back straight and shoot to the rim

4. Chair shots – sit on the end of a chair, jump out of the chair right into your jump shot

5. Form shots – make 10 swishes while executing perfect game form from 5 different spots in the lane

Concentrate on each and every repetition and do not let your mind wander while shooting. Since there is no defense and you are shooting at your own pace there is no reason why every rep shouldn’t be perfect.

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