Don’t Ignore the Mental Aspects of the Game

Basketball BrainA few years ago Spencer Wood of Icebox Athlete spoke at a coaches clinic in Florida and stated that according to a study based on professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, and NHL, the following eight traits were found to constitute the ultimate athlete:

1. Ability to work hard and sustain intensity.

2. Competitiveness.

3. Athletic ability.

4. Sacrifice for the team.

5. Coping with criticism, failure, and success.

6. Clutch performance, poise, and focus.

7. Ability to execute game strategy.

8. Passion for the sport and commitment to excellence.

To me the most interesting thing about this list is that the majority of items aren’t related to physical ability, athleticism, or talent. Yet most of our team and individual workouts are centered around the physical aspects of the game and ignore many other crucial components. If you really want to be considered as an elite player you need to develop and then strengthen every item on this list.

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