Miami Heat’s Game Winning SLOB

There’s been a lot of talk about last night’s Miami Heat overtime win over the Indiana Pacers but very people are mentioning the great sideline out of bounds play (SLOB) that was called by Coach Erik Spoelstra.

First of all, the exact same set was run at the end of the fourth quarter and the result was a wide open 3 point attempt by Ray Allen, which had to be in the back of the Pacers’ minds as everyone was getting lined up in the same set at the end of overtime.

Secondly, the play had multiple options – Ray Allen in the corner, LeBron at the top of the key, Chris Bosh coming off a back pick going to the rim, and even possibly Ray Allen isolated against the opposing center if the defense chose to switch the back pick.

Even the slightest hesitation by any of the defenders was going to result in a shot by one of the Heat’s three best players on the floor (Dwyane Wade had fouled out on the previous play) and that’s exactly what happened!

The players who successfully execute the plays get all the credit in situations like this, as they should. But let’s not forget that it’s often times the coach who puts those players in a position to succeed.

In the diagrams below Ray Allen is the 2, LeBron James is the 3, and Chris Bosh is the 5 as the play’s main options. Mario Chalmers is the 1 and Shane Battier is the 4.

Diagram Preview


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