Paul Evans’ Offensive Philosophy

Paul Evans OffenseYears ago, before taking over at UMASS, Kentucky’s John Calipari was a young assistant coach to Paul Evans at the University of Pittsburgh and insiders can still see Evans’ influence on Calipari and his teams today.

Coach Evans believed in running a set offense while still giving his players the freedom to attack the defense whenever they thought they had an advantage,

Evans offense at Pittsburgh was based on the following philosophy:

  • You need an offense that gets you high percentage shots
  • You need an offense that forces the defense to defend everyone
  • You need an offense that can score with your best defensive team on the floor
  • You need an offense that can get you to the foul line more than your opponent
  • You want an offense that’s flexible enough to allow for individual initiative
  • You want an offense that’s simplistic

If you happened to TiVo any of the recent NCAA Tournament go back and watch Kentucky’s run to the finals and you will notice that the Wildcats offense follows the above philosophy point by point, even though it’s over 25 years old.

Sometimes newest doesn’t mean the best.

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