Pete Carroll on Competition

  • CompetitionCompetition to me is not about beating your opponent. It is about doing your best; it is about striving to reach your potential; and it is about being in relentless pursuit of a¬†competitive edge in everything you do.
  • The traditional definition of competition requires having an opponent. The real opposition is the challenge to remain focused on maximizing your abilities in preparation for the game.
  • My competitive approach is that “it’s all about us.” If we’ve really done the preparation to elevate ourselves to our full potential, it shouldn’t matter whom we’re playing.
  • My opponents are the people who offer me the opportunity to succeed. The tougher¬†my opponents, the more they present me with an opportunity to live up to my full potential and play my best.
  • If you want to “Win Forever, Always Compete.”

(Taken from Pete Carroll’s book “Win Forever.”)

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