4 Reasons to Run the Pick and Roll

Pick and RollThe pick and roll is one of the oldest and most popular plays in the history of basketball and teams that master the skills involved in the pick and roll can become virtually unstoppable. (For an example, go back and watch some video of last season’s San Antonio Spurs.)

However, there is obviously a huge difference between mastering the required skills and just running through them!

There are four main reasons why the pick and roll has been so effective for decades:

1. Creates size and/or speed mismatches

2. Forces two defensive players to defend one offensive player which causes defenses to rotate and cover up

3. Gets opposing defenders in foul trouble

4. Lets you play your best offensive players regardless of “position”

I see a lot of middle school and youth teams running the pick and roll as well as nearly every team in the NBA. However, I don’t see a lot of high school teams using it.

If you are still thinking about what to run on offense this year you might want to consider adding a pick and roll option.

Not only is it effective if run correctly but it will cause opponents to prepare longer and differently for you than for other teams on their schedule.

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