Concord Storm Pivot Instruction

Concord StormHigh school tryouts and practices will be here before you know it. How are you getting ready?

Are you working on your behind the back, between the leg, roll down your arm, figure eights or are you working on basic fundamental skills that will actually impress your coach and improve your game?

Here’s some info on pivoting from a Concord Storm handout.

Pivoting requires you to keep one foot firmly planted on the ground while you turn or spin your body around on the ball of your pivot foot. (This stationary foot is called your pivot foot.) Pivoting can be done with or without the ball. In order to pivot properly follow these five simple rules.
1. Keep your “fundamental basketball position” with your knees flexed and feet shoulder’s width apart or wider.

2. Pivots should be made on the ball of your foot; therefore lift up the heel of your pivot foot. If you pivot on your heel you will lose your balance.

3. You can make a full pivot, a half pivot, and even a quarter turn pivot. Regardless of which one you use keep your body low and feet spread wide.

4. Pivots are made in one of two directions:  A front pivot is made when your chest moves around your pivot foot. This is usually a good way to square up to the basket. A reverse or rear pivot is made by leading with your rear end.

5. You should practice pivots on both your right and left feet. Front right, reverse right, front left, reverse left. This will prepare you for all possible game situations.

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