Will the Refs Determine Who Gets to the NBA Finals?

I certainly don’t want to take away from what they have accomplished this year but is there anybody in America, outside of their home cities of course, who are hoping to see a Houston Rockets & Atlanta Hawks match-up in the NBA Finals?

I’m willing to bet most fans want to see LeBron & Steph square off against each other and so does the NBA!

The best player in the game versus the best shooter in the game would surely draw HUGE television ratings as well as sell a boatload of NBA authorized replica game jerseys.

Of course for that to ever happen the Warriors need to beat the Rockets and the Cavs need to beat the Hawks in the finals of their respective conferences.

Even though many people think that’s going to happen anyway, what if it doesn’t? Or what if it starts to look like it’s not going to happen?

Would NBA game referees ever take the matter into their own hands?

Is James Harden going to shoot as many free throws as he normally did during the regular season?

We all want to think that would never happen; that the NBA or its referees really don’t care who plays well enough to win or who doesn’t.

Is that wishful thinking? Are we being naïve?

Before you answer those questions watch the following interview with former NBA referee Tim Donaghy and hear how he and some of his colleagues intentionally influenced certain games.

Could something like this ever happen again?

2 thoughts on “Will the Refs Determine Who Gets to the NBA Finals?

  1. KC

    Read the rules. Watch how many of the violations of those rules are called against average players versus the marketed “super” stars and you decide.
    It will only take one game in the playoffs for you to decide who refs are “helping” win.
    Bump a super star its a foul. A normal player bumped on either offense or defense by a super star and nothing called.
    Relatively easy if a King can take whatever space he wants on the court and score and if he misses or is shooting badly just watch the refs call some fouls to get him some free throw practice time mid-game.

  2. Jordan

    I don’t think the refs will determine the game at the NBA level. But I have been hearing about refs in the NBA cheating to win money and get a lot of money. But I don’t think in the finals that will happen because people will see the refs and if they try to bet on the game someone will tell someone. But some refs are bad at the high school level. They aren’t good at the high school level but that’s a different topic. Do you think the refs cheat on games? Do you think refs have got caught in the past?


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