How to Score 20 Points a Game

Score 20 Every player I know would like to score more and for some reason 20 points is almost like a
magical number.

It takes a little effort but it can certainly be done – especially if you are someone who is extremely active on the court and plays hard.

  1. Transition Layup – 4 points. Sprint down the floor every time after your opponent scores or misses and get one layup a half.
  2. Mid Range Jump Shot – 4 points. Make one each half. You can get them out of transition or your half court offense. Floaters and drives to the basket count.
  3. 3 Pointers – 6 points. Make one each half
  4. Post Up – 4 points. All it takes is one post up basket each half
  5. Offensive Putback – 4 points. Consider every missed shot by teammate as a pass to you. There’s no such things as a bad second shot so if you rebound it you shoot it.
  6. Free Throws – 4 points. If you are getting out in transition, attacking the basket, posting up, and snagging offensive rebounds then getting four free throw points a game is going to be easy!

Now depending on what “position” you play pick 5 of the 6 areas above and make it happen!

Remember there is no reason why guards can’t post up and go after offensive rebounds and no reason why bigs can’t run the floor and step out for the occasional 3.

If you can’t do some or all of these things then you have to ask yourself, “Why not?’

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