Separate to Dominate

Separate to DominateJust like spacing is essential to running an effective team offense, creating separation is absolutely crucial if you want to be an effective and productive offensive player.

There are 4 areas where players need the ability to separate from their defenders.

These areas include:

  1. Getting open to catch a pass
  2. Being guarded while dribbling the ball
  3. Cutting off of a screen
  4. Going to the rim

There are several techniques that can be used in each of these situations but every technique is built on two main skills: changing speed and changing direction.

These two building blocks can be used individually but are most effective when they are combined and used together.

Regardless of how you get open, dribble the ball against pressure, utilize on and off ball screens and attack the rim, the ability to change speed and change direction will help give you the separation you need to beat your defender.

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