How to Seperate Yourself from the Pack

Pat Riley ShowtimeHere is some great advice from basketball Hall of Fame coach Pat Riley who is now the President of the Miami Heat.

It is taken from Riley’s book “Showtime.” Although the book is a little older it is still full of awesome insights for players and coaches alike.

The ones who can really separate themselves from the pack are those who understand what it takes to sustain excellence. To get away from a “to have” mentality. “To have” is something we get early in our life. To have power. To have a little bit of prestige. To have position. To have the car and the house and all those things that we feel that we need.

And then you understand later on in your career that those things don’t mean anything. When you experience them you realize the only thing left is to be the very best. You prioritize “to be” over “to have.” And when you’re thinking about being the very best, you’re making sure that you’re being a person, a performer, whom you can be proud of.”

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