Shane Dreiling’s Match Up Zone Rules

Match up Zone DefenseShane Dreiling’s match up zone defense is a combination of defensive principles that he learned from Fred Litzenberger and the late Don Meyer.

These match up rules are fundamentally sound and can (and should) be applied to all defenses.

  1. Continually point to your man and talk to your teammates.
  2. Guard someone – do not have two defensive players on the same offensive player.
  3. The defense takes the shape of the offense’s alignment.
  4. Keep bigs in and smalls out.
  5. The post player comes out in emergencies only – when the offense have all 5 players on the perimeter.
  6. Help side defenders straddle the weak side lane line. Assume all offensive players are good shooters and then adjust accordingly.
  7. Guards dig into the post to force a pass back out to the perimeter.
  8. Switch everything to keep your biggest players inside. Do not switch the dribble.
  9. Pressure every shot
  10. Only defend out to the 3 point line – allows you to help on the high post.
  11. Pressure the ball but don’t deny any perimeter passes.
  12. Block out, Pursue, Chin the Rebound, Outlet – “BOPCRO”

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