Great Shooters Do These 12 Things

  1. The Shooters 12Shoot well off the catch and the dribble
  2. Use screens effecticely
  3. Are not great by accident – they put in serious work
  4. Shoot the same way every time
  5. Are always shot ready
  6. Go to the gym and MAKE 500 shots (anyone can SHOOT 500 shots)
  7. Have a pregame routine
  8. Practice game shots at game speed from game spots
  9. Don’t make 500 different shots – they make 1 shot 500 times
  10. Shoot whether they’re on or off
  11. Focus on the next shot not the last one
  12. Always think the next shot is in

The above list comes from Coach Daniel Makepeace of Pure Intensity Basketball

2 thoughts on “Great Shooters Do These 12 Things

  1. Pat Maloy

    I am a high school coach and I could not agree more with the 12 things Great Shooter do. I really like #1-5 and #11 those are spot on. A Great Shooter is a lost art in today’s game, especially at the high school level. It is a lost art because “Repetitions create your Reputation” and kids in general, do not commit the time to be a Great Shooter. They are more worried about trying to break someone’s ankles, dunking and/or whatever other move that would make Sportscenter’s Top 10. I use a term with my team “Basic Basketball” will always win! Just be good at “Basic Basketball” and the results will follow.


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