6 Qualities of Great Shooting Guards

  1.  Shooting GuardsGreat shooting guards aren’t ball stoppers and score within their teams’ system. They let  the game come to them but also know when it’s time to take over.
  2.  Great shooting guards remember the makes and forget the misses. They ‘play present” and always have confidence in their game and in their scoring ability.
  3.  Great shooting guards love getting buckets but also take pride in shutting down their opponent’s best scorer. They love making their opponent feel useless.
  4.  Great shooting guards can their own shot but can also create for others. Great shooting guards are play-makers and not just scorers.
  5.  Great shooting guards sprint the wings ever time. They know sprinting will reward them with open shots and finishes at the rim and open up opportunities for others.
  6.  Great shooting guards can make 3’s consistently but don’t just settle for 3’s. They take on balance 3’s but can also score in mid range or at the basket.

The above concepts were taken from a series of tweets on the Pure Sweat Twitter Timeline.

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