Rumor: KOBE Wore These When He Scored 81 Points

A reliable source has disclosed that Kobe was indeed wearing these Springbak Speedsoles that night he scored 81…

According to inside sources, Springbaks appeal as a pro player’s “little secret edge” goes back to the late 80’s. Back in the day when the Cowboys were
“America’s Team” Emmitt Smith and the majority of the Cowboys were using Springbaks.

A significant population of NFL players were, and still are, enjoying
the benefits of Springbaks. They had yet to become known in the NBA. LA Laker role player Kurt Rambis was an early adopter of Springbaks.

Fast forward a couple decades. Kurt Rambis back with the Lakers as a GM/Assistant Coach, was banging his head for all the Lakers to wear them. Finally Kobe’s
team relented and started wearing Speedsoles, and coincidentally this is the same time, the Lakers began their winning streak.

About 2 weeks after that point, Kobe has his historic 81 point night. Too bad Springbak can’t afford what Kobe would charge to endorse. Come to think of it, if he was in fact using Springbaks, he probably wouldn’t even want you to know.

Springbak currently holds four separate USA patents (and one foreign patent with several pending) under the new category of performance enhancing shoe components, which are the result of 12 long years of research and development at a cost of several million dollars well spent.

THE SPRINGBAK™ GUARANTEE: Try Speedsoles; GUARANTEED results or you can return them within 30 days. (less than 2 percent have been returned).

Get the full scoop here.

What do Springbak insoles do?

  • Help you jump higher
  • Provide stability & balance
  • Help you run faster
  • Eliminate shin splints
  • Lessens fatigue

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