Bill Walsh’s Standard of Performance

Standard of PerformanceThis is the time of year when a lot of basketball coaches are refining their philosophies as they prepare for school to start.

Some are trying to figure out how to get to the top of their league while others are trying to determine the best way to stay on top.

While watching some 49’ers football last weekend I couldn’t help but think of Bill Walsh and some of those great San Francisco teams he coached.

Walsh’s coaching philosophy extended beyond X’s and O’s and permeated the entire San Francisco 49’er organization from Joe Montana, Steve Young, and Jerry Rice to the coaching staff to the office secretaries to the lock room custodians.

He called it his “Standard of Performance” and it could be boiled down into 10 specific bullet points:

  1. Ferocious and intelligently applied work ethic directed at continual improvement.
  2. Respect for everyone in the program and the work that he/she does.
  3. Be committed to learning.
  4. Demonstrate character and integrity.
  5. Honor the connection between details and improvement.
  6. Demonstrate loyalty.
  7. Be willing to go the extra mile for the organization.
  8. Put the team’s welfare ahead of my own.
  9. Maintain an abnormally high level of concentration and focus.
  10. Make sacrifice and commitment the organizations trademark.

How many of these traits are you consciously teaching your team and the other coaches on your staff? When there is a sound philosophy in place and everyone is willing to buy in, great things can happen!


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