Step Back to Get Your Shot Off

Jump BackCoach Rick Majerus used to always teach that spacing is offense and offense is spacing and that certainly applies to getting a shot off in a one on one situation.

To understand the concept of creating space to get our shot off, it helps if we consider what our defender is trying to accomplish.

Most defenders are taught to stay in front of their offensive players and to stay about an arm’s length away.

This allows the defender to contest any jump shots while still maintaining the space necessary to stop the drive.

In order to keep his spacing, the defender must constantly back up and readjust his position so he can keep an arm’s length cushion.

Therefore, when we drive hard at a defender he has no choice but to back up or he runs the risk of letting us get all the way to the rim.

As the defender is moving back on his heels we have the ideal opportunity to step back ourselves and create some additional space.

Once we step back we can do one of two things:

First of all we can take advantage of the extra space and shoot a wide open jump shot. Secondly, when we step back we put the defender in a close out situation.

If the defender closes out slowly, awkwardly, or if he lunges back out at us, a simple head fake will allow us to go right around him.

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