5 Triple Threat Essentials

Triple Threat Here are the 5 basic essentials of getting into a triple threat position:

  1. Catch the ball off your Inside Foot. Some players have a permanent pivot foot but I think it’s much more effective to pivot on the foot closest to the basket.
  2. Get in and maintain an athletic stance. Feet shoulder width apart, knees bent, butt down, back straight, and weight evenly distributed.
  3. Place ball on the shooting side.  In an athletic stance the ball will be somewhere between your hip and shoulder.
  4. Keep getting lower. Catch the ball low. Get even lower as you pivot and square up to the basket. Get even lower still as you start to drive.
  5. Hard,quick, violent foot fakes. The defense has to think your jab steps and foot fakes are real so soft, slow fakes are useless.

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