Using a Screen Away from the Ball

ScreenThe cutter has the best chance of getting open if he waits for the pick to be set before cutting
tot he ball. Cut shoulder to shoulder off a screen to eliminate any chance your defender can slash through the screen. There are four basic options depending on how your defender plays the screen.

  1. Go over the top and continue to the basket when your defensive player trails you around the screen

  3. Curl over the top for the quick shot if the screener’s defender allows your defender to slide behind the screen one man removed.

  5. Pop Out or Step Back for the shot if your defender attempts to go completely behind the screener and their defender two men removed.

  7. If your defender cheats and jumps high in front of the screen before it can be properly set you can either flare away from the screen in the opposite direction your defender has jumped, or you can go back door to the basket if your defender gets caught high side by the screener.

The above ideas were taken from one of Alan Lambert’s “Playground Pointers.”

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