Positon Requirements for Wing Players

Wing PlayersAt the Nike Skills Academy players are taught that In order to effectively play the wing they should be able to do the following:

  1. Create their own shot in two dribbles
  2. Get separation off the catch with right and left foot in triple threat
  3. Master the pin down (down screen)
  4. Shoot the 3 effectively – shoot 60-70% in practice so you can shoot 35-45% in games
  5. Play the pick and roll game consistently
  6. Cut and split off the post
  7. Sprint the floor and shoot in transistion
  8. Contain dribble penetration
  9. Be mentally tough. Commit to what you are supposed to do
  10. Be in great shape
  11. Have to have a floater – a layup over taller defenders in the lane
  12. Make open shots. Shoot 70% in practice from 15-19 feet so you can shoot 45-50% in a game

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